I always hear Houston can be pretty bad, but they actually came in third here in Texas.

If one positive thing can be taken from this rude city survey. Congratulations to every Texas city, none of them made the top ten for rudest in the country. However, two of them did make the top twenty. Dallas came in at fourteen, then Austin wasn't too far behind at sixeen, and Houston also made the top twenty at eighteen.

6.9% of respondents thought Dallas had the rudest inhabitants, according to a survey from Business Insider. The only other Texas city that made the top fifty was San Antonio, they dropped all the way to 38th on the list. Don't worry Oklahomans, you also made the list right behind San Antonio. Oklahoma City came in at 39th.

In case you were curious, the rudest city in America is New York. Definitely takes that top spot in my opinion. Philadelphia at nine is wrong, they deserve top three potential for sure. City of Brotherly Love my a**.

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