See what you have done Blue Bell lickers!

Another dumb internet trend is what one girl called the #TinRoofChallenge. It's called that because she went and licked a container of Blue Bell ice cream and put it back in the freezer. To make matters even worse, she said she recently recovered from the flu. I'm happy to report that authorities have located that girl, but that isn't stopping copycats.

Food tampering is a very serious charge and I hope all the likes and comments you get are worth it. Looks like over in Iowa Park, the local police department is guarding the Blue Bell to ensure it isn't tampered with. Obviously, they're not there 24/7. Just having a little fun with this stupid challenge going on.

Please don't do this challenge. I don't want them to have start locking up ice cream or have Blue Bell add some sort of plastic protection around the case. That will only increase the price of ice cream, which is too high already.

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