The construction is complete, the lanes are marked, the stoplight will stop blinking red (It seems a lot of you were really upset about that!), and the new Maplewood Avenue Extension Project is about to be open for traffic.

The City of Wichita Falls announced today (05.11.2021) that the Maplewood Avenue extension will be open for traffic on Wednesday, May 12th. As part of the project, a new traffic signal was recently installed at the intersection of Maplewood Avenue and McNiel Avenue and has been in test mode for the last few days. In test mode the light flashes red, effectively making the intersection an all-way stop. That traffic signal will be fully operational and in normal mode on Wednesday morning.

The new segment of Maplewood will connect from McNiel Avenue to Lawrence Boulevard, expanding the length of Maplewood all the way from McNiel to Southwest Parkway and into the residential neighborhood to the South.

The City of  Wichita Falls appreciates everyone's patience during the construction on this street project. The Wichita Falls Public Works Department continues to maintain our city's road system and provide adequate infrastructure for the residents day after day.

If you have any questions about this or any other street project contact the City of Wichita Falls Engineering Division at 940-761-7477.

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