Could you imagine a town in Texas saying we don't want you Buc-ee's? Don't you dare insult the big beaver like that.

Since moving to Texas in 2007, I have learned there are a few businesses you don't talk bad about. Dr Pepper, Blue Bell, Whataburger, H-E-B, just to name a few. Another on that list would be Buc-ee's. The must stop location for any road trip in Texas I imagine many would say. Buc-ee's started here in Texas and is slowing expanding across the country.

They currently have locations in Alabama and Georgia as well. More are being built in Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina. Another one was planned for North Carolina, but Buc-ee's was told to get out of town. WHAT?! Why would you not want a Buc-ee's?

In Orange County, North Carolina sits the town of Efland. A group of irate citizens formed the 'A Voice 4 Efland & Orange' group to let the city council know that they do not want a Buc-ee's in their town.

“A lot of it goes to the identity of this county, and that’s not a massive eighty-foot bucktooth beaver sign with billboards saying ‘LOL, It’s Party Time.’ It’s quite frankly tacky,” Voice 4 Efland member Del Ward said.

Tacky? Do you want to go to war Del?


Well, Buc-ee's has listened and abandoned the location in that city. They say they love the state of North Carolina and would love to put a location somewhere in the state in the future. Hey North Carolina, don't knock it, til you try it. Beaver nuggets are the perfect road trip snack and you guys are missing out.

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