This is the kind of crime that I’d expect to see around Halloween, not Easter.

On April 5th, the Haltom City Public Library announced on social media that their beloved skeleton, Boney Stark had gone missing.   Boney Stark was a pretty unusual decoration, to say the least.  It was a life-sized skeleton dressed up in a Tinkerbell outfit with silver wings, who sat on a bench at the cities’ public library.  As soon as the library noticed that he was missing, they simply stated on their Facebook page that they wanted Boney Starks to be returned to his rightful place, and asked the local community for any information on the skeleton’s whereabouts.

Since nobody has returned Boney Stark, the library had no choice but to contact Haltom City Police, for assistance in finding the missing skeleton.  The department released a surveillance video from the library, which showed a woman dressed in overalls and an orange shirt, dragging the skeleton down the hallway.  In a Facebook post, the police stated that they just wanted to ask the woman seen in the video a few questions.  In addition to asking her why she stole Boney Starks, the police were also wondering what sort of home décor she had that required a life-sized skeleton to complete the ambiance.

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The department also stated on their social media, that the librarians aren’t the type who likes to get ugly, and just want their beloved Boney Stark back.  Luckily, a skeleton wearing a Tinkerbell outfit should be pretty easy to spot.  The police are asking anyone who has any information about where the skeleton might be to please e-mail the Haltom City Public Library at

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