Yes, many businesses are allowed to have their dining rooms back up. This does not mean they HAVE TO open them back up. This lady lost it when she couldn't order inside.

Over in Oklahoma City, police were called out to a McDonald's on the southwest side of the city on Wednesday night. Shots were fired in the restaurant striking three individuals. One was shot in the arm and another two were hit with shrapnel. So why was someone shooting at McDonald's employees?

32-year-old Gloricia Woody was apparently upset the McDonald's dining room was not open. Employees explained that the dining room was still closed for precautions due to the coronavirus, but the drive-thru was still open. Glorcia refused to leave the restaurant and that is when an argument began. All of the employees that were involved were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police were able to locate Glorcia a few blocks away after the shooting took place. Police say Glorcia matches the person seen on surveillance video taken during the incident at the restaurant.  She was taken to the Oklahoma City jail.

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