So I decided to try that one chip challenge from Paqui and I will say it's not fun.


Alright, everyone knows I love a good food challenge. One that has been a thing for several years now is Paqui's One Chip Challenge. You spend like $10 for a single chip, would love to know what it actually costs to make one of these because this company has to be rolling in dough. Then you see how long you can last without eating or drinking anything.

2023 Controversy

The reason the chip has gone viral this week is because a teenager in Massachusetts supposedly died from doing the challenge. More details have come out from that situation and allegedly the kid ate SIXTEEN of these chips in one sitting. Can I just say to anyone thinking about doing that, DON'T DO THAT!

What Is The Hottest Thing I Have Eaten in My Life?

I will die on the hill that these wings in Santa Clara, California are the hottest thing I have ever eaten. They ruined my day literally, was in pain for twelve hours and contemplated going to the hospital over some f***ing wings! So...I didn't think this chip could equal that, it's just one chip.

My Paqui One Chip Challenge Video

Once again, I am warning you I throw up in the video above, I was not joking about that. So what happened? I ate the chip and it tastes like literal s***. Don't get me wrong, it tastes spicy. I imagine if you took these peppers and I went to grab dirt out of my backyard to mix it with. This chip and that dirt would taste exactly the same. Here's what happened, saliva is building up in my mouth during this. I can't eat or drink anything. So I swallow the saliva buildup, my body said "The f*** you are". It wanted no more of that spiciness inside of me.

The Chip Has Supposedly Been Pulled from Shelves

We had a story last week on the chip being pulled, due to that teen's death. I know I saw it at some gas stations in Wichita Falls, but you can still get them online if you want. Like I said, it sucks. Do what you want with your life, just be smart and don't eat SIXTEEN of something labeled ONE chip challenge.

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