I was recently invited to a birthday party at one of the new bar / restaurant spots downtown, I went, it was a great time. Another friend of mine was also invited to the same party, he declined, saying that he never went downtown after dark. He really missed out, not only on the party, but on our downtown in general.

Downtown Wichita Falls has really undergone a transformation over the last few years and I’m thinking there’s a lot more to come. One of the brand new attractions downtown is the addition of Stage 2 to the Wichita Theatre Performing Arts Centre. This comes as great news to theatre goers as it opens the Wichita Theatre’s offerings up to a true dinner stage presentation and the option of bringing your own bottle of wine to sip during the performances.

Stage 2 is located at 10th and Indiana, directly across the street from the Wichita Theatre and their website shows a wide variety of shows coming in the next few months. This weekend’s offering is something called Mystiq: Beyond Imagination.

The season continues with Murder: Stage Right, and Death By Dessert in May and June. Seating is very limited, so make your reservations early.

Did I mention that Stage 2 is a Dinner Theatre? It is! And with Demrick “Chef D” Davis from 2011 Bistro preparing three-course meals including your choice of two entrees for every show those meals should be delicious.

Downtown Wichita Falls is not what it was ten years ago, not even what it was five years ago, it’s getting better and more vibrant every year with new clubs, new restaurants, updates to the Farmers Market area, and now a brand new Stage 2 dinner theatre addition to the Wichita Theatre. When you’re trying to find something fun to do on the weekend, make sure you give downtown a good look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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