The boy's mother passed away last year and he had been living with her since last fall.

Ethan Davis of Hawley, Texas had a tragedy happen under the lights on Friday night. Ethan's Hawley Bearcats were in Forsan taking on the Buffaloes. Just before the end of the first quarter, Ethan scored a two-point conversion to put his team up 16 to nothing. Moments later, his grandmother suffered a heart attack in the stands.

The game would be delayed while the teams waited for an ambulance to show up. Ethan would leave the game with his grandmother to a nearby hospital. The teams came together and prayed for Ethan and his grandmother before resuming the game. Head Coach Mitch Ables said Dolly Joyce Dodgen passed away at the hospital during the third quarter with Ethan there by her side. She was 74-years-old.

Funeral arrangements have been set this week and our thoughts are with Ethan. Who lost his mother last year after a battle with cancer and now his grandmother a year later.

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