Maybe it was the closest place that he could call for help or maybe he thought this was the end. Can't go out without one last Allsups burrito.

So this was a little crazy yesterday morning in Henrietta. Brad Copeland works for the Allsups in that town and he says around 5 AM a man came in with a gunshot wound. He came in screaming for help with a gunshot wound in his thigh. The man was not willing to talk with police when they arrived.

He wouldn't say how he got shot or who possibly shot him. Hey, snitches get stitches mentality for this guy I see. Sheriff Lyde for Clay County told KAUZ a search warrant was issued to recover the bullet in the victim’s car. The police also say the man who was shot has since left the hospital and apparently that was against doctor's orders.

Hopefully this guy is OK and recovering somewhere safe. Who knows, maybe on his way home he stopped into that very Allsups for some of those world famous burritos. Come on, you know you love those burritos. I don't know if I would take a bullet for one, but maybe if you hooked me up with a lifetime supply, I would consider it.

Remember in 2019, when Allsups had a burrito shortage. That was a dark time in Texas history that we do not talk about. Hopefully those fried gifts from the Gods are here for years to come.

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