Probably not a list you want to see your daughter's college on.

A "sugar baby" is a young woman who gets financial benefits for a relationship with an older man, known as the sugar daddy. A website called Seeking is 'where beautiful, successful people fuel mutually beneficial relationships'. Basically, if you want to be a sugar baby or daddy, you go to this website.

Looks like you set up a profile with some information about you and it looks like a lot of these women are in college and need some money. What college student doesn't need a little extra cash? Seeking has released the top growing sugar baby schools in the country and two from Texas made the list.

The University of North Texas at number nine and University of Texas at San Antonio at nineteen. UNT had 192 'sugar babies' sign up last year for the site and UTSA had 141 sign up last year. UNT has seen this story and released a statement on these findings.

"UNT is committed to providing its students with a safe, challenging and vibrant educational experience," Kris Muller, a spokeswoman for the university, said in an email. "UNT does not condone the actions encouraged by the site."

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