Look at this good Christian boy with his bible on him at all times. Granted he's breaking one of the ten commandments so, it doesn't really balance out.

Looks like this past Sunday, in the 700 block of Taylor, a Wichita Falls family woke up to the sound of their dog barking. The homeowner checked his surveillance cameras and saw a man trying to break into his wife's car. He said he went outside and confronted the burglar and they got into a struggle inside the car. The man said the burglar got free and ran away, but he was able to wrestle his black backpack away.

Inside that backpack was a treasure map of sorts right to the burglar. Inside of the backpack was a bible with name Bradley Scott Dunn on the inside. Officers then made up two photo lineups and said both residents picked out Dunn, who has nine previous arrests. Bradley Scott Dunn was charged Sunday with burglary of a vehicle.


Bradley is also apparently known as  M.C. Flea and Flizzy Montana. I will just know him as bible man now.

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