The man says the harassment has been happening for about a month now. The alleged incidents appear to be ruining his life.

David Brock had to fire a woman who was in charge of cleaning his house. He allegedly caught her stealing and that is why he had to let her go. Since then, David's life has been turned upside down. He said police caught her trying to break into the house, but she claimed to have lived there. So the police let her go. This was by no means the last time she would allegedly do something according to David.

“They had driven by several times flashing guns, pointing guns at me, making threats. She had made quite a few threats on Facebook. Threatening to kill all the animals. Mostly threatening my cats,” Brock said to KFDX. He also claims to have lost six thousand gallons of water because someone opened up the faucets on his tanks. The worst incident without a doubt is when one of his alpacas was shot along with two cats.

“I found my male alpaca had been shot in the right hip and also shot in the leg,” Brock said. “The leg was completely broken in two and the foot was dangling. He almost made it to the barn, but he had fallen down and bled out. I really think what they were shooting at cause I lost two cats that night as well. Two older cats.”

Some items have also been stolen, including a shotgun that he won at an auction that was for a friend he lost to cancer. “The thing that bothers me the most is a shotgun that I won on a raffle for a guy who had cancer and he is now dead,” Brock said. “So, my friend is gone, and it’s got a little sentimental value to it especially after I became a cancer survivor. It meant more to me then.”

Brock said he has started being more cautious and vigilant around his house since this all started. He hopes with getting this story out there will lead to those being caught by the police. If you have any information about this or any felony crime, just call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

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