Racers, start your ... Well, there really aren't any engines in Soapbox Racers are there? Oh, well ... GO!

It's time once again for the YMCA's annual Soap Box Races. The event is coming up on Saturday, July 13th and there will be three divisions. In Super Stock, the Y provides the cars for you so you don't have to put forth the expense and hard work of building your own. Drivers will be required to do a test run the week of the race to show that they've mastered the skills needed.

Super Kids is for the Special Needs kids and they'll be in specially designed cars that seat both the child and a driver. This way they get to experience the thrill of racing down the hill by the downtown Y without having to steer and brake for themselves.

For the serious racer there's the Build Your Own division. There aren't a lot of rules in this division so let your imagination run wild. The Build Your Own division is more about creativity than speed but your racer must be able to steer and stop.

The Soap Box Races are for kids between 7 and 12 and will be held on 9th Street outside the downtown YMCA. The races are coming up soon, so if you're interested reach out to the Wichita Falls YMCA now and they'll answer all of your questions.

If you just want to watch and cheer, that's free! Just get to the downtown YMCA at 9th and Austin that morning and have fun! The racing starts at 9:00 a.m. and should be over by around noon. There will also be a car show at the downtown YMCA that morning so there will be plenty to look at between races.

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