That's not a pothole, that's a crater!

How Did Someone Not Get This Fixed Immediately?!

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands when a city won't fix something. That's exactly what Ed Pettitt over in Houston did a couple of days ago. Apparently folks in the neighborhood had been complaining about a pothole and a case was opened up to alert the city about it.

Obviously, this was an emergency situation. No one should be driving down this road in this condition. So Ed decided to tag Houston Public Works in a post on Facebook showing how bad the road was in Houston's Third Ward.

Look at This Massive Pothole!

Are you kidding me?! The hole almost goes up to Ed's waist! Keep little Timmy away from the pothole or else he's going to fall down a couple of feet and hurt himself. We should be seeing road closed signs, traffic barrels, literally ANYTHING alerting people of this massive thing. Thanks to Ed's viral post, Houston Public Works got their ass in gear and filled this thing in.

Response from Houston Public Works

Ed actually left a comment on that very post stating this:

I hope I'm not misinterpreting the tone of this status update, but I certainly never claimed Houston Public Works was responsible for creating the hole. It doesn't matter whether our road conditions in Third Ward are caused by City disinvestment, private negligence/malfeasance, or Acts of God - these dangerous conditions shouldn't be tolerated! Thank you for following up and holding the private contractor(s) accountable!

I am in 100% agreement with Ed, it doesn't matter how that pothole got there. Someone should have been on this as soon as possible. We shouldn't have to wait for enough online outrage to fix a three to four foot deep pothole in Texas. I'm glad it's fixed now, but that is a crazy sight to see.

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